Smoker's Choice

By Erik A. Monick, MD - Cardiologist
Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Nuclear Cardiology, and Cardiovascular Disease.

Did you know that smokers are at least twice, and as much as six times, as likely to have heart attacks as non-smokers? One of my patients, a life-long smoker, recently asked me why he should stop smoking now— the damage is already done.

WRONG! It’s never too late to stop. One year after a person quits smoking, their risk of future coronary heart disease drops by 50 percent. After 15 years, the risk is as low as it is for someone who has never smoked.

Not to mention, if you quit smoking, you can regain your sense of smell and taste, your digestive system returns to normal and you can breathe easier. Best of all, you’ll increase your chances of living longer and have less chance of heart disease, stroke, lung disease and cancer.

Make the right choice for your health—stop smoking today.

Smoker's Choice

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