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November 06, 2012

By Roger E. Vielbig, MD Cardiologist
Board Certified in Internal Medicine Cardiovascular Disease

The other day I asked a patient about their cholesterol levels and they responded that their doctor keeps track of all their numbers. I hear this response all of the time. But think about your car. How productive would it be if your mechanic had to tell you when your fuel was getting low, your oil pressure was spiking, or your engine was about to overheat? You rely on the gauges in your car to tell you those things. 

Your body has gauges as well. They help you understand when your body may have something wrong.

Three numbers every person should know are their blood pressure, total cholesterol level and blood glucose level. When these numbers are high or low, your body isn’t functioning as well as it should. Your doctor can help keep it on track, but daily maintenance just like with your car is up to you. Learn the numbers you need to keep your engine healthy.

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