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06/09/12 Letters to the Editor


To the editor -- After I could read the May 24 letter, "Cheers for life saved," without crying, I shared it with another "shipmate," whose profile fit it even better than did mine.

Although we were served in different venues, our gratitude to those men and women who have given so much of themselves, on our behalf, goes far beyond the applause they receive.

To those who cared for me at Memorial Hospital (June 2011) and at Regional Medical Center (August 2011), at the Heart Center and other medical facilities, to the EMTs who carried me there and to those who continue that care -- thank you.

That gratitude extends to the lab workers, the janitorial staff, the kitchen helpers and beyond. You are, each and all, so fondly remembered. Even those who cared for me when I was not mentally alert enough to know, thank you. I hope that I live up the responsibilities left to me as well as those who prepared to meet my emergency have done.

Thank you for such a beautifully written letter. May the writer's father be served by that pacemaker for many happy years.




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